Mr. Incredible

I'm going to brag about my husband for a minute. The other day I called to have him come pick me up from class (so i don't have to walk around in the ice and cold) but he didn't answer his phone. I got a little upset and called again...and again until he finally answered. When he finally came to get me I asked why he hadn't answered the phone and he said, "I was doin' stuff." Since he's been really into talking to his friends on facebook I figured that's what he was doing and I got a little bit more upset. But as soon as I walked in inside I was estatic. He had cleaned the whole house, done the dishes and started the wash. And I had no idea! He does cute things like that all the time. Isn't he fantastic? Our baby thinks so too. Everytime he walks into the room and starts talking she wiggles around even more than she was. Isn't that cute?


Cook Family said...

You're too cute Missy, and your husbands too sweet:) I love when Clay does little things like that for me...I tell him those are the times when I really feel loved:)

Cali said...

Good work Brad! Tell him to spread the news... acts of service like that go miles!