Happenings of late

We've had a fun week. I didn't get many pictures of the first part, but believe me. It was great.

The week started out by having my sister Sue fly out from Cleveland for a friends wedding. We got to hang out a lot. It was so fun. I miss her and her family lots. On Thursday we went down to the Oquirrh Mountain Temple open house. It is so gorgeous. One of the prettiest I've ever been in. There were windows every where.
On Friday it was Abigails first birthday! We celebrated by going to Summerfest with the Hardings. It was so fun. I love stuff like that. Abbi loved dancing with Grandpa.
On Saturday we had Abbi's birthday party. It was a good time. After we sang to her and blew out the candle, she immediately grabbed the hot wick and screamed! That killed the "destroy the cake" mood. A few minutes and plenty of cuddles later she had calmed down enough to dig in. She didn't like having stuff on her hands though. She kept trying to wipe them off. We all had a really good time.To celebrate Fathers day on Sunday we went to the Willow Park Zoo on a walk. Abbi LOVED it. she would hold onto the fence and laugh at the animals. When we tried to pry her hands off the fence she would cry and cry. She also had her first experience on a swing. She loved that too. She just loves everything. And we all love her.


Juresk said...

It's crazy to think you have a 1 year old!! Happy Birthday Abbi!!

Jennica and Preston said...

Happy birthday to your little girl! She is absolutely adorable!!

Brian and Kristy said...

Happy birthday pretty girl! I love the cakes. They turned out so cute! Sorry we missed it.

Nicholas K. and Sarah Maye said...

What a fun week! We were glad to be a part of some of it. :)

Bri and Clarke said...

oh she is so cute. happy Birthday to Abbi! I love the cakes, did you make them? They are super cute. I hope I can don something cool for Brooklyn when she turns one. and so sad about her hand,....I guess I better watch out, brooklyn grabs everything. sounds like life is awesome.