A New Year

Tomorrow is the first day of a new year. Not only a new year, but a new decade. If ever there were a time to make goals and resolutions this is it; and I’ve made a few.

They say that in order to achieve your goals, you need to write them down. I agree. So here I am to document my goals for the year of 2010. I made 6 goals this year.

1 - Exercise 1/2 hour a day. I used to be able to run without being winded, lift heavy objects and do about a mile in squats in one go and would love to be able to again. Not that I’d like to do that last one specifically again, it would just be nice to know that I could. I’d also love to get back to my Pre-pregnancy weight before baby number 2 is on the way.

2 - Keep a journal, with pictures. A few people I know did a thing last year called P365 that I really want to try this year. They took one picture a day, everyday of the year. I'm going to try and take it a step further. Not only will I take the picture, but I'm going to journal about that day and answer a question about my past. I hope to get my autobiography going. There are a lot of little random things that I wish I had known about my mom. I'm going to answer all those questions in hope that my kids will care about them someday.

3 - Read the Book Of Mormon more than once. To be a little more specific, at least 5 times. A few years back (4 actually), I was given a challenge in a singles ward to read the BoM in 40 days. They even gave me a little timeline with how much to read each day and a specific scripture to ponder each night. That challenge led to the one and only time I've finished the BoM cover to cover and was one of the best experiences of my life. It came at the most perfect time, right when my mom passed away. It was such a comfort. So I've found that I could tecqunically finish it 9.125 times if I follow that timeline, but lets be realistic and keep it at 5. Each time I'll read with a different purpose and I know that I'll learn way more than I ever thought I could.

4 - Cook a meal everynight even if Brad won't be home for dinner. I feel like I'm an adequet cook, but you'd never know by looking at my husband. I like to say he's just lean, but lets face it... he. is. skinny. I hope to remedy this problem by actually having a meal ready for him when he gets home from work, rather than letting him scrounge for food (which usually ends up being chips and salsa).

5 - Expand my Etsy shop and crafty endeavors. I'd love to have a fully stocked online store at all times and advertise a bit more. I think this one will take a little bit longer to get going, but will be well worth it. I'd also like to finish one project before starting the next.

6 - Wake up early & clean the house. What with school and work, Brad has very few hours at home and I want to spend all that time with him and Abbi, not cleaning the house. My solution? Wake up before, not with, Abbi and do my heavy cleaning. Then I can take a nap while she does. Sounds simple enough, but I have a feeling it will be the hardest goal on the list.

Wish me luck!! Hope you all have a fantastic New Year.


Ash & Tim said...

Those are amazing goals and they are realistic! What a great idea!

dana said...

fabulous goals. I could get in on all of those!

Brian and Kristy said...

I love it! I'm going to steal a few of those goals and maybe we can do a few together. That will definitely keep me motivated. Like walks this summer. Let's actually do it this year!

Daniel and Ashley said...

love your goals. I am also doing the dinner goal because my husband is skinny too! :) Maybe we can swap recipes to fatten our hunnies up! :)

Laurel said...

I am doing the picture and journaling thing too. Are you doing Becky Higgins Project Life? That's what I'm doing. Love it.

Tara Hoppie said...

Fantastic. I know you can do it! Love ya.