Before I was saving my pennies for this, I was saving my pennies for a new DSLR camera. Well, because I have the best husband in the world (I'm sure he's better than yours ;) ) and a sooner than expected tax refund I was able to finally get one!! It is amazing!! Thank you so much babe!

Last night I made a Valentines dress for Abbi. I was inspried by this dress by Dana and had to make one for Abbi in some pink courdory I had. Then when it was FINALLY sunny today I decided I had to do a photo shoot! We went to the end of good ole Bessie Lane and took some shots looking over the valley and the Wellsvilles. I haven't even done any editing to these pics yet. Amazing! It would have taken hours to get pics from my old camera to look like this (if I even could). I love it!

There was a puppy in the Garverts yard that she loved to watch.

I had some glitter words and hearts that I tried to get her to hold. She never showed me the glitter side, or would throw them on the ground. I guess she thinks love is dead.

YAY! So much fun!

P.S. - Session 2 of SYTYC started today! Go check it out!


Cali said...

Awesome! I'm so sorry I never wrote back on Facebook. Life has been crazy this last week. What did you end up getting? Looks great- and you're only beginning! I hope I can help you if you need any pointers on how to use the camera!

Celeste and Jared said...

Those are so gorgeous! I am jealous!

Nicholas K. and Sarah Maye said...

The dress is so cute!! I am jealous of the camera. What did you get and where from?

Traci said...

The mountains in the background are BEAUTIFUL! Also, your daughter is pretty cute.