How Abbi became Abi

I've had a few people lately ask if we changed the spelling of Abi's name. Short answer - yes we did.  Here's the little bit longer story.

After we decided on the name Abigail we had to decide how to spell her nickname.  There was Abbey, Abby, Abbie...the list could go on and on.  So one day I just made an executive decision and we went with Abbi.  No idea why I chose that.

And Abbi was working just perfectly for us until a few months ago when Abi learned her letters and their sounds.  One day while we were practicing writing her name she got really upset.  I finally got her to calm down and tell me what was the matter. "Mom!  My name is 'ab-ee' not 'ab-ba-ee'! You do it wrong and I hate it!  It only has one B!" (she's a bit dramatic most of the time). Ever since then she has been very adamant about it and gets mad every time we try it differently.

So that's the story about how Abbi became Abi.

Crazy girl.