Why do I do this to myself?

So this week is Spring Break. The week that you take time off and relax. So why do I do this to myself? I have a paper due on Tuesday and I've had almost 4 full weeks to do it But have I started it? As I put it off and put it off I kept telling myself, "I'll do it over Spring Break. What else will I be doing?" Well here is the list of the "what else's":
  • Monday and Tuesday I packed up my whole apartment except what I'll need from now until we move in May. After I had everything packed I deep cleaned the apartment so it won't be so bad later.i justify this because I'm sure that I won't want to be doing it when I'm 8 months pregnant and in the middle of finals week like would happen if I waited until we really are moving.
  • Wednesday Brad and I went down to play Rock Band with my brother. Then that night the 3 of us and my friend Shilah went down to SLC. We went to Clarke Planetarium and watched a super cool 3D movie. It was awesome. For dinner we went to Rodizio Grill which was really yummy. I had never been before and I loved it. This I justify because my brother is almost 30 and I was doing my part to get him married.
  • All day today I've been doing the laundry and stalling. I've probably checked my email 400 times and now I'm writing my blog. This I have no justification for.

So now I'm kinda stressed and really upset at myself. I always seem to do this to myself and I would really like some pointers on how I can get myself motivated.