Abbi's First Concert!

On Wednesday night Brad and I went with our friends Traci and Brody to the Eve 6 concert that was up here in Logan. It was really fun. I've only been to one other concert before (and it was kinda lame) so it was cool to go to this one. It was super loud though. Every five minutes Brad would ask me if Abbi was ok or if we needed to go cuz it was too loud for her. He's such a cute little daddy. After the concert Brad helped take down the stage and such (his friend is the concert promoter and asked Brad to help). I was amazed at how much stuff is involved. They had an i-pod hooked up to something too. That kinda made me wonder. Because Brad helped with the stage we got to go to the after party. By the time we got there the band was gone (it was like 1 o'clock) but their tech guy Jerry was still there. He was a cool guy. It was awesome to talk with him.

We forgot our camera, so this is from Traci's phone.

I love this picture of Traci. I can't believe they let her on stage ;)