Room 22

Blood, cries, and Jack Bauer about sums it up for me. And on a side note, I have a testimony of epidurals. The following story takes place between 6:00 am and 6:00 pm on June 19th 2008, from the perspective of the helpless one...... the husband.

After hearing warnings of sleepless nights, the reality of it sank in quick when Missy didn't sleep well because of the uncomfortable contractions. We headed for the hospital in the early morning. We went through the usual routine, talked to the Brazilian receptionist, got hooked up to monitors, checked dilation and went to our delivery room.

Throughout the early contractions and initial injection of epidural stuff, I was full of anxiety, not being able to sit down or be calm. Missy fell asleep after the epidural,( oh I was so relieved). So what does a man do in that situation? Watch Jack Bauer save the world, again! It was awesome.

Only 4 episodes later, Niagara Falls! One hour passes and we start pushing. I was surprised that it wasn't that bad. The epidural did its part and we did ours. It wasn't painful until the very end, when Missy was getting tired and starting to feel the pressure. Then the blood, then the cries and then the thought, "What would Jack Bauer do?" no not really. The Doctor used a vacuum tool to pull little Abbi out. I have never been in one place and at one time where emotions from both sides of the spectrum collided. Missy was crying, the nurses were so happy, the baby was crying and I, the helpless husband in Room 22, was caught in the middle. Wow, is just about all I can say.

Honestly, from a helpless perspective, I was amazed. What my Missy went through to bring our joy, Abbi into this world is power and strength that I don't have. Thank you Missy. You are wonderful.

Love Brad


luke and briton alo said...

Yay! Congratulations you guys. She is beautiful!

Mandy said...

Congratulations! You guys will love being parents its awesome! She is beautiful!

Cali said...

Bryan loved this version Brad.. we laughed hard!

Hardings in Providence said...

Brad your version was very clever. Dad thinks you have a talent for writing! And it is always nice to get the new father's point of view.
Love you!