Our Life...

Well Abbi is getting so big now! She can pull herself to sitting (when you hold her hands) and can roll onto her side (but only her left side). She has also figured out that she can make noise. It's so much fun! I can just put her in her Bumbo or bouncer and she'll just yell away. She especially loves the kitchen where it echos.

The other day Brad let me go to Enrichment, and I didn't even have to take Abbi with me. When I got home I heard "I Can Show You the World" coming from upstairs. Since it was Brad's voice singing, I quickly graped the camera and ran up to see what was going on. Brad was sitting in the rocker with Abbi on his lap. They were coloring. It was so cute!
Last night, Brad gave me a brake and took Abbi while he was doing his homework. I went in a little later to check on them and this is what I saw. I love it! He's decided she needs to be a child prodigy so he's teaching her to read early.
On the 14th we blessed little Abbi. It was such a nice blessing and we had a fun little lunch across the street after. Abbi was so pretty in her little dress. I went looking all over town to find one I liked, but they are so expensive! The cheapest one I found was $60 and the one I really wanted was $189 (of course). So I gave up on that and stopped at Joanns Fabric on the way home. For $14 (I love pattern sales) and a few days hard work I got a cute little dress that I must say I'm very proud of. I just wish I had more pictures of the day. I'll have to go hunt down everyone that had a camera there.
*The Harding Fam Pics have been updated*


Meags.... said...

I love that gifford is reading along with Abbi! She is going to be a prodigy

Heather said...

you made her dress? It is so BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!! good job!!!

Juresk said...

Congrats on making her dress!! You are amazing!! Also I can't believe how big she is getting!!

Tara Hoppie said...

So sorry that I couldn't make it to the blessing. She lookes so beautiful in that dress! It is so fun seeing your cute little family, it reminds me of when I had my first baby. Aaaahhh... memories.

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