Our Crazy December

On our drive to Cleveland for Thanksgiving we got a call from Brad's work telling us we were being transferred to Louisville Kentucky to help that office with sales and building the clientele since it was so new.  That told us we could choose when to go and we chose before Christmas.  We figured it would just be easier that way.  So we had 12 days from the time we got home from Sue's until we had to leave for Kentucky.  I packed up the house while Brad was covering a store and when he got home we took off.    We got Abbi's toys off the truck first thing so that she could play with her animals and watch some shows while we finished unloading.  Abbi was really good about the whole thing.  She still misses Rachel, Kaitlyn, Cari & Elder Ashby and asks about them all the time, but she has adjusted really well.

Once we were somewhat settled in we took off for Cleveland again, this time for Christmas.  We had a very laid back weekend and loved it.  Apparently we were having too much fun. I had no time to take any pictures :)