Fish and the City

Yesterday I was gone all day long helping the young women with their girls camp fundraiser - a car wash.  It turned out to not be as lucrative for us. After a week of crazy hot weather it rained all night and up until an hour before the car wash started so no one was really in the mood to have their car washed.

Brad & Abbi, however, had a fabulous day.

They decided to ride the train into Boston to buy Abbi a fish at a fun pet shop in town.  It was Abbi's first time on a train and she loved it.  Here are a few of the pictures Brad took of the day on his phone.

Waiting at the Canton Station for the train

At the bus stop for the connection to the pet shop.

She loves looking at the fish and turtles.  Too bad they wouldn't let Brad take pictures in the bird room.  The parrot that said "hello" was her favorite.

Samson the dog had so much fur!

They had some time before the train back home so they spent it at the Boston Library across the street from the station.  Abbi loved the fountain in the courtyard.  She wished for a little brother :)

There was a bride having her pictures taken on the front steps.  Abbi had to be silly and pose, too.  Don't worry, she didn't get in any of the pictures, but everyone thought she was adorable.
Cashing pigeons at Copley Square.  She was determined to catch one.

Posing for a picture on the train ride home.  She's so silly.


Brian and Kristy said...

Oh my goodness, I love that girl! Looks like a fun day :)