Sleepy Girl

"Mom. Will you take a picture of me resting?" Man, I love this girl!


Brian and Kristy said...

Me too.

Juresk said...

that is so adorable!! and Kristy I know you say Abbi is all Missy, which for the most part I agree, but one of the banner pictures she is totally Brad. Either way she is adorable!!

Mrs. Ellis said...

Missy~ It's been so long since I've checked your blog! I don't even know if you remember me - Kori from English classes at USU. :) It looks like we've been chasing each other all over the US! We've been about 4 hours away from you in all our moves (Indiana and South Dakota)but at opposite times. I can't believe how big Abbi is! Hope you're enjoying Louisville and life is beautiful for you and your family.