Abi's first day

Today was Abi's first day of Kindergarten.  She says she had such a great day, but before we get to that you need to know about how the night before the first day of Kindergarten went.

At the school open house the nurse gave me a sheet of paper letting me know that we somehow got behind on Abi's immunizations and she had to have those 4 shots before she would be allowed to attend class. That gave me 2.5 business days to get her into a Dr. office.  And seeing as we've been here for less than a month, we still don't have our MO insurance together.  So the nurse gave me the number of the county health department and I could make an appointment to get the shots through them.

So, yesterday we hit up the zoo during the morning and then made it back "just in time" for her appointment.  Which means we only had to wait 1.5 hours instead of 2.  They give Abi the 4 immunizations in 2 shots and she didn't even cry!  I was so proud of her.  She did give the nurse a look that clearly said, "How dare you do that to me!?" after the first one, but she very quickly recovered.

We promised her that after dinner we would spend some time at the pool.  Which of makes her an hour late for bed.  She's been sleeping on the floor next to my and Brad's bed since my dad and step-mom are here visiting. So we finally got her to bed and the 4 grownups started the BBC Sherlock series (so good!) when about an hour in Abi walks out of the room and up to Brad and I.

Us: Hey honey.  What do you need?
Abi: with a dazed look on her face I just need...I want...I have to see something. walking over to and opening the coat closet
Brad: walking over to her while eating a pickle What is it?  What do you need in here?
Abi: blank look
Brad: Do you want a bite of pickle?
Abi: nods and takes a bite
Brad: Ok, so what do you need?
Abi: points at pickle
Brad: You need a pickle?
Abi: shakes head no then turns around and holds Brads hand while walking back to bed

She was totally sleep walking!  It was pretty awesome.

About 2:40 she woke Brad up with her moaning and complaining of a tummy ache.  So we took her temp and got her a bucket.  An hour later she threw up and slept horribly the rest of the night. So when 7 am showed up she wasn't too happy about it.  Thankfully by know her tummy felt ok, but she had a sore throat.  We had her gargle some salt water and she said she felt well enough to go to school.

So after getting her all ready and packing up her back pack we headed to the bus stop.

And missed the bus.

But apparently the bus stops on our side of the street, then drives down to the end, stops there and comes back and stops across the street from our normal stop.  So we were ok.

She was so cute!  I could tell that she was a little nervous, but mostly excited.  She just walked up the steps and asked the little girl on the front seat if she could sit by her. She told me later that she was "the last child to get on the bus" and she thought that was pretty cool.

While she was gone I spent the day at the Missouri Botanical Garden with dad and Brenda.  I missed her, but I know that once they're gone and I don't have the distraction I'm going to be a total mess :)

We got home just in time for the bus to drop her off.  She was so excited and wanted to tell us all about how it went.

So I interviewed her on this video.  She wasn't too happy about the video at first, but she warmed up pretty quick :)


Madison Oliver said...

She is seriously SO adorable!!! :)

Nana said...

She is so beautiful Missy. How blessed you are! Tell your Dad hi from Brian and I.