Finally Home

It has been quite a busy few weeks for us what with moving back to Utah, starting school and introducing little Abbi to the family. I'm still not quite all settled in to our new apartment, but it's getting there. I never realized how much I missed everyone and everything about Utah until we got back. It's like Heaven here in Cache Valley!

Well, an update on our lives. We left California at 11 pm to drive through the night so that hopefully Abbi would sleep most of the way (she hates her car seat and just screams the whole time she's in it). It worked! We made it 7 hours before she woke up and she was actually pretty calm the last 3 hours.

That weekend we drove back down to Kaysville to visit Grandma and Pa Flamm and Great-Grandparents McFarlin. I really wanted Abbi to see Grandma McFarlin asap since she's not doing as well as we would like.
We also had dinner at the Hardings house. All of the cousins just love Abbi. It's so fun because all of the girls are pregnant! There will be 3 more little cousins for Abbi by February. I'm so glad that all the kids will be close in age and friends.
The next weekend the Harding boys went on their annual "priesthood outing" and left us wives at home. We had a blast. We took the kids to a fun park one night, then left them with a babysitter the next and wen to Olive Garden and had a baby shower for Kristy and baby Ethan (who will be joining us Nov. 8th-ish).
On Labor Day we went back down to Kaysville for a Flamm BBQ. I was so happy to finally get to go to one. I've been hearing about how fun they have been all summer but wasn't able to be there until now.

I'm so glad we're home and can have fun with our families again!
*The Harding Fam picture link is now updated*