Dave's Birthday Dinner

A few weeks ago my little brother called me. He told me that he had just found out he was getting a few days of leave from the army and would be home in 2 days. It just happened that he would be home over his birthday and he wanted me to make his birthday dinner.

Whenever we had special occasion growing up my Grandma would make us ham loaf with mustard sauce, glazed carrot, rolls and escalloped potatoes. We haven't had it since before my mom passed away and that is what he wanted. I was so nervous! I've never made it before and it was going to be compared to Grandmas. It didn't look near as good as hers, but I think it turned out well. We had a fun night of dinner and games.

My older brother is really lame, but I like the younger :)

Happy Birthday Dave!!


Brittney said...

Your bro is in the army? How did I not know this? We don't talk nearly enough. My goodness. :)

Sue said...

Hi everyone! Why did I only hear about all of this on Missy's blog?!!! You did a great job Missy.

Missy said...

Matt sure looks happy in that picture. -Brad

Traci said...

Happy Birthday to Dave!!
You're so domestic - the food looks yummy! and Matt is kinda lame... :)

Brian and Kristy said...

Silly Matt! Trying to lick the food :) Happy Birthday Dave!