Princess on Ice

Last December while visiting my sisters family in Cleveland we go to go see Disney on Ice. Abbi was still in the sit-on-your-lap-and-be-happy-about-everything stage, but she really did seem to like it. So when we found out that Brad got a discount for the Princess show through work we decided to go.

Before it started Abbi was so excited. She was laughing and clapping and everything. But then the announcer guy came on and ruined everything. He scared her to death. For the first hour she was super clingy and would cry every time we tried to move her.

Then intermission came and she started to calm down, but she still wasn't going to humor us with a smile.

The lady sitting next to us let Abbi play with her plane (after Abbi used every little charm a 17 month old has to get it) and she warmed up a little bit.

Then Cinderella started and she LOVED it. She laughed and danced and had so much fun! We've been watching Cinderella everyday since then and she still loves it.

Overall it was a really fun night! I can't wait til we do it next year. Maybe we'll let Abbi dress up and not be the only little girl not in a full on princess outfit next time.


Brian and Kristy said...

How fun! And so unlike that little angel:) She is so dang cute. I'm glad you had a good time!

Nicholas K. and Sarah Maye said...

so much fun!! did you get your dvd and sander?